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VLC player in android is the software which is one of the best way to watch videos on your android mobile.VLC media player is the application which is used to watch the videos it different qualities.Initially VLC player is released on 2001 and now a days in 2019 the VLC is considered is the best video player.This application allows different formats of videos.

vlc player

Permission Details

  • It reads the content of Usb storage according to all media files include in your Usb storage.
  • You can modify and delete the content of your usb storage.
  • You can open the video in browser and directly play it online using network stream.

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Top Ten Features Of VLC player in android

1.Double The Video Sound

If you want to double the sound of your video so you can easily double it so Let’s know how is it possible.

  • Click on above three lines button now go to setting after it click on video option and enable the audio boost button.After enable the boost button you can be able to increase your volume upto 200%.

2.Play Video Sound In Background

If you want to play the sound of video in background you can do it because it is the also interesting feature of VLC Player in android.

Open the setting there will be background/pip(select VLC behaviour when you switch to other application from video playback) mode option click on that and enable play videos in background

3.Change English Language Movie Into Urdu

If you are urdu speaker and you don’t understood english so this is an amazing option to change english language movies or any video in to hindi/urdu but the condition is this that if the movie exist in both language.So you can easily enable urdu language option during the video by click on the second icon which is near with lock icon and then go to audio track and enable Hindi option.

4.Play Directly Video As Audio

I will tell you the very easy method to play video as a video so first of all select your video you want to play as audio then click on three dots in the right side of the video and enable play as audio congrats now enjoy your video song as audio.

5.Dark Theme For Watching Movies At Night

Mostly people want to see movies at night but they don’t know that it can effect our eyes so i am sharing the best dark theme with you which can become useful to watch movies at late night.

Go to setting and click on interface now enable the black theme(change the interface colors for better result in night environments).

6.History Clear

When you are using the VLC player in android they make the backup of your every watch videos so you can easily delete all history by click on history option and delete all videos.

7.Show File

There are a lot of software which hide your file but VLC media players will show these hide file so follow the below steps if you want to show hidden file.

First of all go to setting and and click on advance now there will be option of show hidden file enable it and your all hidden videos will be show.

8.Repeat Song Again And Again

Mostly people have their own favorite song if you have some favorite song and you want to play your favorite song again and again so VLC have also this amazing option.Open your favorite video you want to repeat again and again and click on three dots and enable number 9 option which is the second last option.

9.Convert Video Into Small Video

This is the amazing feature i personally use if you want to watch the video in small screen and on other screen you want to text with your friends so VLC media players also support this option to use both application at same time but mostly people don’t know that how enable the multitask option so here is the process.Open the video you want to watch in small screen now click on three dots and enable number 8 option(window option).

10.Sleep Mode

This is the last feature of VLC Player Apk which is very useful if you want to set the time of video but after finished the time video will be automatically closed.So during the video open on three dots and enable first option and set the time according to your requirements.

Brief Information VLC Player For Android

NameVLC Player In Android
Size24 MB
Updated OnApr 10, 2019
Offered ByVideolabs

F.A.Q. On VLC Player Apk

Q1. Is VLC Player Download Is Completely Free ?

Yes You can Download VLC player in android free of cost without paying any charges.

Q2. What Is The Size Of The VLC Player ?

The size of VLC player is 24 Mb which can easily download within sometimes according to your internet speed.

Q3. Can We Clear The History Of All Watch Videos ?

Yes you can clear the history of all watched videos.

Q4. Can We Play Video Sound In Background ?

Yes you can play video sound in background.

Q5. Can We Change English Language Movie Into Hindi/Urdu ?

Yes you can convert english language movie into urdu.

Q6. Ca We Show All Hidden File ?

Yes you can show all hidden file by just enable show hidden file option.

Q7. Can We Share This Application Through bluetooth Or Zapya?

Yes you can share this application through zapya or bluetooth.

Q8.Can We repeat The Song In VLC Player App Download ?

Yes you can repeat the song again and again in this video player.

Q9.Can We Increase The Sound More Then Current Sound ?

Yes you increase the volume of video more then the current sound.

Q10. Is VLC Player is Source Code Is Available ?

Yes all the source code of VLC player is available free of cost.

People Review About VLC Player For Android

  • Nice, love for playing any kind of video, particularly good for streaming from NAS or a Desktop home device, but also good for remote devices, actually why is the “Local Network” section called “Local” if it can stream from remote devices (which was pretty obvious actually) it took me a minute to fig.
  • After the last update the application has become unusable. When I turn on a movie (mp4) in the vertical screen, the navigation buttons (eg play) overlap the system buttons (triangle, circle and square) and I can’t stop the movie and use any other with five down buttons.

Download VLC Player In Android From Playstore

vlc player

Download VLC Player Apk File


So that’s all about VLC Player For Android which is the best platform to support every formats of video and audio.I hope you will enjoy the article if you have any question you can ask in comments i will reply as soon as possible.

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