How To Update BIOS Without Any Error

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Today in this post I’ll tell you How to update BIOS without any error, So let’s see how we can update BIOS of any laptop without any error. how to update bios

To see your current BIOS version you need to follow simple steps:

  • Click on search menu and type msinfo32, then click on “System Information”.
    You can also check your current BIOS version by typing msinfo32 in run dailog box.
    After opening System Information window you can view your current BIOS version on “BIOS VersionDate:” line.
  • Now for updating BIOS you need to check your laptop brand, if it’s Dell then you should go to Dell website and search for your laptop model then search for BIOS driver.

Whenever you go to website you need to select your BIOS model and driver which is compatible for your laptop/computer.

  • After selecting BIOS version accept terms and condition of website.
  • After accepting terms and condition it will automatically detect computer model.
  • Now the next step is to click on “Find it Myself” Tab.
  • In Category list box you need to select on Bios.
  • You should see the latest version BIOS update on top of the list.
  • You just need to simply click on Download button.


Before installing update make sure your laptop battery is full and plugged in, if your battery is low charge then your laptop may be corrupt due to shutdown system during updates, then you should need to again reinstall your windows.

Installation Steps:

  • You just need to run this file as administrator, for this simply right click on file and click “Run As Administrator”.
  • After running file the window should be pop up for installing flash you just simply click on Yes.
  • Your system need some time restart to complete the installation of BIOS.

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