5 Best Tips to Speed Up Computer and Laptop Performance

If you are using computer or laptop in daily life and you are not happy to your laptop performance because when you run multi application on your laptop then your laptop start hanging.So today in this article you will learn 5 simple tips about speed up your computer speed that how you will improve your computer system performance.If you want to secure your Facebook Account then click here How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

1. Disable Unwanted Startup Programs

When you turn on your computer then your computer run automatically all those software which is install in your computer system but you don’t use these software which is running in background so all these software slow your computer system so here is the process to disable all unwanted startup programs.

  • Press Control+Alt+Delete combine.
  • Now click on Task Manager.
  • Go to startup as show in the given picture.

start up

  • Disable all application without antivirus.Now your computer speed will be fast.


2. System Performance

You can improve your laptop and computer performance by follow the given steps.

  • Go to Control Panel in your computer system.
  • Now go to system and security and click on system.


  • Now click on advance security system.

advance security system

  • Click on setting which is below the performance.


  • Click on adjust for best appearance and press enter or click on Ok.


3. Defragment And Optimize Drives

  • Press the window button.
  • Now search defragment and optimize drives and open it.


  • Select the C: Driver and click on optimize button.


  • Wait for some times the process is running after completing this process your computer speed will be improve.


4. Delete Temporary Files

You need to delete all temporary files to improve your computer speed.

  • Press window+R button.


  • Now type %Temp% and press Ok.


  • Press Control+A for select all files and then delete all these temporary files.
  • Press again window+R and type temp and click on Ok and delete all temporary files as show in the given picture.


Click On continue and delete all files.

  • Now Again press window+R and type prefetch and click on OK and delete all temporary files.



Delete all temporary files.

5. Disk Clean Up

  • Go to My Computer.

my computer

  • Right Click on C Drives and click on properties.Now Click on Disk Clean wait for calculating.

disk clean up

  • After the completion of disk clean you need to click on Clean Up System Files.

clean up

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