Speed Up Your Android Device Without Any Software

Today in this post you will learn that how you can speed up your android device without any software.

Mostly when you have install more apps or open multi application in your android device then your android device working slow.If you install any apps or visit any website in mobile For Example if you visit my website in mobile now when you clear it from task bar in android device.In your mind you have clear website or apps but some files are remaining which run in background.So read the below instruction carefully to speed up your android device and delete that files which is running in background.

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How To Speed Up Your Android Device

  • Go to setting in your android device and click on storage.storage
  • Now Click on internal storage.

internal storage

  • Now Look at the end you will find the option of Cached Data.Here is in my mobile 98.18 Mb are free and it include extra files which is not necessary for our android mobile therefore we need to delete all extra files to speed up android device.Just click on Cached data now you have notify that This Will clear cached data for all apps.Now click on delete.

cached data


But There is a lot of phone which don’t have cached option so if you don’t have cached option in your android device follow these steps.

  • Go to setting and click on About Device and if you have tablet then click on About Tablet as show in the picture.

about device

  • Now Go to software information and click on build number 7 times.When you click on build number 7 times you will be notify that you have enable the developer option.

Build Number

  • Now Go back and click on Developer option scroll down in developer option find that option which as given below in the picture now you need to click on these three option and change the Animation scale 1x to Animation Of.


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