How To Change Icon Of Pen Drive | Storage Device

If you are using pen drive or any other storage device you have seen when you have connect pen drive or storage device in your laptop or computer there will be a boring icon so today you will learn that how to change icon of pen drive. You can also put your own picture as a icon in pen drive. The default pen drive picture as show in the picture.

pen drive

How To Change Icon Of Pen drive

  • First of all you need a picture which you want to select as a pen drive icon.
  • You need to change the format of this picture. Right click on picture and click on edit as show in the picture.

how to change icon of pen drive

  • Click on File and go to save as you have to select any one option so you click on BMP picture as show in the picture.Now rename the picture keep the name of that picture 1 and save picture with 24 bitmap extension as show in the last picture.




  • Now right click on desktop and create new text document.Open this file and you need to enter two lines code in this can see the code in next step.
  • Now enter this code in the document as show in the picture. 1.bmp means 1 is the name of the picture and bmp is the format of the picture.


  • Now click on file and save the note pad file with the name of autorun.inf as show in the picture.

file name

  • Go to pen drive and copy these two files(Picture+Autorun file) to pen drive.
  • Restart your computer or take out the pen drive from computer and connect the pen drive again.
  • Congrats now check your pen driver icon its change this trick is 100% working if you have any confusion now you can ask in comments.

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