How To Find Wifi Password

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Today in this post i will show you a cool trick to get someone Wifi password using command prompt.I am using windows 10 but you can do this with window 7,vista,windows Xp etc.You can easily find your connected wifi password if your forget it.If you want more tricks about Technology,Android, and many more then like our Facebook page you can see new tricks in our Facebook page. So learn how to find wifi password in this post.

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How To Find Wifi Password Using Cmd

  • Start Menu

Go to start menu.

start Menu

  • Search Cmd

Just like that as show in the picture.


  • Run As Administrator

Right click in Cmd and run it as administrator.

Right click


You will get on your screen Cmd just like that.



  • Now type netsh wlan show profile.You will get your wifi profile.


Now You can Find Your Wifi Password Easily.

write netsh wlan show profile pkwebhost key =clear and press enter.

You must be write your wifi profile name my profile name is pkwebhost therefore i write pkwebhost.

Key Content

Congrats You got your wifi password check your wifi password in key content my wifi password is pkwebhost786 as show in picture.

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