Earphone Tricks |Use It Or It May Cause Hear Loss| You Should Know

Hand Free Tricks You Should Know

Today in this post you will learn about earphone/headphone disadvantages.Every one is use earphone but they don’t know that it can be cause hear loss.So in the below steps you will learn about earphone disadvantages and i will give you advice that you should use the earphone or not?

Hand free

How To Use EarPhone/Headphone |English|

  • Don’t use the hand free for long time.Use the hand free minimum for 20 minutes and maximum for 1 hours.If you want use hand free for long time then remove the hand free from ear after every one hour for just 5 or 10 minutes for relaxation.
  • Don’t give your hand free to your friends only use it yourself because it may cause infection in ear and you may loss hearing feelings permanently.
  • Use hand free up to limited sounds it means when you want to increase your volume speed in the video.A notification will appear in your mobile screen

How To Use EarPhone/Headphone |Urdu|

  • Hand free kam sy kam 20 minutes or zyada sy zyada 1 ganty tak istemal kary.is sy zyada time istemal na kary.agar ap hand free ko zyada dher k leye istemal karna chahty hy to ap har 1 ganty bad 5 ya 10 minutes k leye hand free ko apny kaano sy otary or thora rest kary.
  • Apni hand free apny dust ko istemal karny k leye na dy q k ye hand free ap k kaan me b ti or ab jab ye dosry bndy k kaan me chaly jaye to is sy ear infection ho skta hy or hear loss b ho skta hy mtlab ap koi bat sun ni paogy.
  • Hand free ki awaz limited sound raky agar ap koi video dekh rahy hy or ap video ki awaz or tezz karna chahty hy jab ap limit sy bahyr chaly jaye to ap k screen py 1 notification ajyga oska khyal raky per apni video ki awaz kam kary 1 limit me awaz raky.

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