How to change window 7 Password , If you forget

How to change window 7 Password

if you forget, Sometimes you forget your windows password, but no worry about that. You can recover password with a couple of ways, you’ll be able to modify the secret key for any Windows 7 user account on any PC. First of all you must be an Administrative privileges for this method (We can also remove password without administrator privileges).

 Step by Step How to change window 7 Password

1. Open Start Menu: You can open start menu with couple of ways:

  • Press start menu button OR Press [Ctrl+Esc] key on keyboard.
Start Menu

Click On Start Menu


Press [Ctrl+Esc] Button

Type cmd in search field

Type cmd in search field

2. Type “cmd” In Search Field: Simply type “cmd” in the search box it will search for the Command Prompt. You should see “cmd” at the top of the search menu.

3. Right-Click On Command Prompt: To run command prompt as administrator you need to right click on the cmd icon on start menu.

Right click on cmd

Right click on cmd

4. Click “Run As Administrator”: It’s close to the highest of the menu. Doing so can open prompt with administrator privileges. so you can change the password with legal way nor illegal. (If popup window open click “Yes”).

  • Now you will be able to change account password without knowing them.
Click Run as Administrator

Click Run as Administrator

5. Type “net user” In Command Prompt: For displaying the user account information you need to enter “net user” command.

  • The yellow marked (Bluestack) text is our target account from which we want to remove password.
Type net user in command prompt

Type net user in command prompt

6. Type “net user <account_name> *”: Now replace your username with <account_name>, In example we’re using “Bluestack” account.

  • * (Asterisk) is mainly used for invisibility of password, whenever you enter your password it’ll be invisible to see.
  • So type “net user bluestack *” (case-sensitivity doesn’t matter).
  • You can also change password by typing “net user <account> <password>”, e.g “net user bluestack password123”. But one thing to remember here, there is no confirmation for password.
    Type "net user bluestack *"

    Type “net user account *”

7. Enter New Password: Enter your new password below or press enter for remove password. By typing again confirm your password or press enter again for remove password.

  • But keep in mind whenever you enter your password it will be invisible to see, you can’t see your password and also numbers of characters.
Enter password

Enter Password

8. Password Change Successfully: If you see this message “The command completed successfully.” It’s mean you are successfully change your password. That’s it.

Password Change Successfully.

Password Change Successfully.

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