How To Block Ads On Android

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Block Ads On Android

This article is about block ads on android phone.Whenever you use any application it show too much ads For Example when you are using any android apps suddenly the ads will come on your screen.You can exit these ads but after some minutes it will again show on your screen.?If you want to block ads on android apps or block ads on android home screen then stay with us i will teach you the best way to block ads on android.

remove ads

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Sometimes the ads show everywhere and we don’t want to click it but mistakenly we click on ads and our time is waste of these types of ads,also it slow your android device.Now if you want to remove ads so here are the step by step procedure that how to block ads on android device without root.

Can i Block Ads On Android ?

Yes you can block ads on android free.

Block Google Ads On Android App

You can block ads on any android phone.Mostly when you are playing game and your all focus on game suddenly when google ads show in the game of running time it will disturb your mission but don’t you can block ads on android games.I take the example of game but you can remove ads from any application E.g block ads on android tv,block ads on android Youtube,block ads on android chrome etc.

How To Stop Ads On My Android Phone ||Step By Step Method||

So for remove ads from android or block ads on android you just need to follow the given steps.
1. Open Playstore on your android phone.
2. Now Search for AdClear.Adclear is the best ad blocker for remove ads.
3. Install “AdClear” app on your android.
4. Now open that app.
5. Simply you just need to set button to Enable.
6. Now click on below button “AdBlocking” and enable it.
7. It’s Done, Now you can check your app it doesn’t showing any ads.

This is the best android ad blocker no root required.If you want to remove your ads permanently without buying the pro version of any app, this article is for you I hope you don’t have any confusion about how to block ads on android without buying pro version, Share this article and comment if you have any question.

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